We need to be traveling. After meeting in South Korea in 2015 and relocating to Austin, TX the following year, only to face the prospects of "normal" life, we knew our time in the ATX would not last long.  Only a few months into our stay there, I called Deanna from my office and said "let's go," a revelation which led to 9 months of planning, work notices, downsizing, and organizing livelihoods in preparation for living a life entirely on the road.

This website will share what we've learned so far-- mistakes made, important experience gained, and many inspirations along the way.  Much like our lives, it is a work in progress and, if we do it successfully, it will always be.  Welcome to Alt-Nomad—we hope you enjoy your stay!


At a dinner which followed my college graduation in 2006, a family member gave me a piece of advice that I may have taken a little too much to heart. “Do whatever you want…until you turn 30,” she said. Since then, I ambled into what ended up being an entirely unsuccessful and emotionally crippling—yet fun!—acting career in Los Angeles that involved much more waitressing than performing, as well as an international move to dynamic Seoul, Korea where I met my partner in crime (and life), the handsome guy whose profile sits below mine, Mr. Mike Mulcey.

From there, we combined our passion for travel and our neuroses involving getting stuck in ‘familiar routines’. We devised a plan; we sold and/or pushed all of our crap into the closets of various family members’ homes, and embarked on our nomadic journey.

Although my professional background is what I like to gingerly refer to as ‘diverse’, as I round out my 20s, I am happy to report that I've finally found a career I love, working as a freelance writer, editor, and educator. For me, Alt-Nomad represents not only my personal journey but also an outlet and source of inspiration for those who refuse to wait around in order to take control of their personal and professional ambitions. This is for you xx.  - Deanna



After living the first 25 years of my life very much “by the book,” acquiring skills for a career in technology, I decided to quit my pharmaceutical chemist job in 2005 and work in freelance film production in the NYC area.  It was a pivotal moment for me and the first time I made a major move, even in the face of much bewilderment and skepticism from those around me.

Since then, I’ve been back and forth between creative  (music, photography, graphic art) and technical work (chemistry, sales, marketing) which included living 5 years overseas in Korea and Japan.  There have been some curveballs thrown my way, including the end of a marriage, but ultimately the struggles forced me to confront my true goals.

I’ve developed a deep appreciation (aka obsession) with minimalism and mindful practice from my time in Asia and I’m excited to be able to live this mobile lifestyle and share with you what we encounter along the way.  - Mike