Alt-Nomad: How Refusing to Settle for ‘Ordinary’ Lead to the Creation of this Website

Since beginning our Alt-Nomad lifestyle, we’ve pretty much heard it all the last 9 months, from: “That’s such a great thing you guys are doing!” to “When are you going to get real jobs again?” to “Wow, you really are enjoying your retirement, huh?” (That last one’s the one we hate the most!)

Each and every one of these sentiments has come from people we either know well or have met on the road the last few months with whom we’ve excitedly relayed our story over and over again. We answer their questions and tell them all about the reasons that lead us to living a nomadic lifestyle, while working to build up some diverse income streams along the way.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we routinely run into folks who say: “Oh yeah, I have a niece/nephew/neighbor who is doing the same thing you guys are!” There is definately a small, but rapidly growing number of remote and/or location independent workers out there. At the moment, it’s hard to pin down a legitimate figure, but judging by the activity in some of our favorite online forums, there’s a whole lot.

Where Have We Been?

Many people have asked us about where we’ve been over the last few months and what we’ve been working on. Apart from our freelance work (content writing and marketing) and getting used to moving locations week-to-week, we have been pouring our hearts into this project, Alt-Nomad.

In starting our journey to be “location independents” we’ve scoured through the resources out there and found a ton of great stuff about getting started with this lifestyle, but once we actually set off on our journey ourselves, we realized that there was a lot that had yet to be shared with aspiring digital nomads.

We aim to create a space to share some of what we learned and put into practice since kissing our apartment ‘goodbye’, as well as a forum for others who have direct feedback based on their experience or interest in the lifestyle.

When we started out, we had a lot more questions than answers and we hope this blog helps you answer a few of your own.

What We Hope to Offer

To kick things off, we are keeping it simple, by sharing some of the core topics that we feel will be most useful to you as you either commence or continue your journey:

  • Location Guides – Colorful, mobile-friendly travel guides with practical tricks and tips for productive work time, invigorating play time, and mindful dips into local culture.
  • Travel Culture – Our favorite stories about the thrills and perils of all things travel culture, curated by Alt-Nomad.
  • How-to’s – Honest takes on travel gear and hacks, as well as sage advice on kicking off your very own version of an Alt-Nomad lifestyle.

The Start of Alt-Nomad

The way we see it, the most important thing we can cover is the stories of the inspiring people we come across along the way. It sure does take a lot of courage to try new things in the face of unknowns. We hope you enjoy the ride with us. Maybe, one day, you too can contribute a story of your own.

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